Silothreni Status

The table below defines the various ranks within the various castes and their associated status. Higher status numbers convey higher power and authority within the Silothreni nation.

Noble Titles
Honorific Rank Status Position
The Divine Divine 8 The Divine
Arch-Lord Shield 7 The Shield
Lord (Lady) Patriarch 6 Head of Family (Spouse)
Vice-Lord (Vice-Lady) Heir 5 Apparent Heir to the Patriarchy (Spouse)
Master, Mistress Highborn 4,3,2 All other Nobles
The Honorable Midborn 2 Child with Noble and Servant parentage
Wyred Titles
Honorific Rank Status Position
Grand Magister Staff 6 The Staff
Magister Magistrate 5 Wyred Administrator
Master Adept 2 Trained Wyred
Prentice Neophyte 1 Wyred in Training (at the Labyrinth)
None Initiate 0 Untrained Wyred
Servant Titles
Honorific Rank Status Position
Elder, Elderess Lowborn 1 Master Tradesman
Journeyman Lowborn 0 Skilled Tradesman
None Lowborn -1 Base Servant caste
Military Titles
Honorific Rank Status Position
Arch-Praetor Commander 6 Commander of all Praetorian forces
Captain High Praetorian 5 Praetorian Commander
Praetor, Praetora Praetorian 4 Knight protecting The Divine
Commander High Guardian 5 Guardian Commander
Sir, Dame Guardian 4 Knight protecting the Empire
Religious Titles
Honorific Rank Status Position
The Venerable Prelate 6 Regional religious authority
Warden Priest 5 Local religious authority
Tyro Acolyte 3 Priest in training

Status for highborn nobles varies according to how many people would have to die for them to inherit the Patriarchy. Use the table below to determine actual status.

Steps from Patriarchy Status
2-3 people 4
4-8 people 3
9 or more people 2

Silothreni Status

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