Silothreni Castes

Silothreni society is stratified into three castes, the Nobles, the Servants and the Wyred. There is no mobility between the castes except in the following situations:

  • A child (Servant or Noble) who is determined to possess magic potential is immediately moved to the Wyred caste.
  • A Servant who has performed a great service for the Silothreni nation will, on occasion, be awarded a Noble spouse. Although the Servant does not become Noble, his or her children will be Midborn Nobles and if those children marry Highborn Nobles their children will also be Highborn Nobles.

Nobles: The Nobles are the ruling caste and make up about 20% of the population of most houses. This is the only caste that can own property. They occupy all positions in government and serve as officers and cavalry in the military. Members of the noble caste can occupy one of several ranks within the caste: The Divine (only one), The Shield (only one), Patriarch, Heir, Highborn, and Midborn. Highborn nobles can be further divided into several ranks depending on how many steps they are away from the Patriarchy (the number of steps is equal to the number of people that must die for that person to inherit the Patriarchy). The Divine, The Shield, Patriarchs and Heirs are limited to male nobles. All nobles Highborn and above may move upward in rank.

Midborn are a specific subset of Nobles that have a unique status. They are the offspring of a noble and a Servant parent. They are usually (but not always) the result of infidelity. Midborn may not inherit the patriarchy and as such may not improve their status outside military service.

Servants: The Servant caste is made up of commoners and composes about 75% of most houses. They perform all the day-to-day labor in Silothreni society, serving as both skilled and unskilled laborer. Servants, provide all the necessities of life for all three castes of Silothreni society. They also serve as enlisted troops in the military. All servants are lowborn, but status can be gained by excelling in a trade. Skilled soldiers and tradesmen are valued above unskilled laborers. Servants can move from house to house, but another house will not typically take them unless they have consent from the House they came from.

The Wyred

Silothreni Castes

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